Food Truck Owners have a special way to give back to the community.

Most everyone would love to have the opportunity to give back to his or her community.  Many envision writing that large check to their favorite charity, school or church.  A sum of money can make a major impact in the non-profit’s operation budget. Volunteering time is also a great contribution to giving back to your organization.  Everyone has either the financial or time resource to give back to his or her community.  Many of us feel we need to do so in a large amount otherwise it may not be as impactful.  However, if we just contribute what we can within our own means, you’ll be surprised at how great of an impact that makes on your community.

Food Truck Owners have a special way to give back to the community.  Aside from time and financial resources, we have the luxury of working with food all of the time.  Food resources are a special way we can contribute back to our favorite charity, church or community shelters.  For many years, I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to donate food supporting local blood drive organizations, charities and churches.  Making a donation is like writing a check.  You feel good about doing it and the organization is extremely appreciative of your efforts.  But it’s not the same effect as serving the food yourself to someone hungry and homeless.  If you’ve ever done so, you’ll know exactly why.  The rewarding response from the recipients is beyond words.  Many of them have many needs and are very appreciative of whatever supplies they receive.  Food is something that is needed on a daily basis for survival.  Experience feeding homeless families with children and prepare yourself to be drying off tears in the process.  Rewarding doesn’t come close to how you’ll feel with your efforts.

Food Truck Owners have a special way to give back to the community.  We work with food everyday at various events.  Many times we’ll have extra food at the end of the day.  Some food can be saved for use the next day while some are consumed or donated.  Many local churches and community shelters welcome any and all food that is provided as they have many resources to those who are in need to survive each day.  Expand on your donation by bringing the food truck to their next event and serve.  Participate in feeding the hungry at a local shelter from your food truck.  Not leftovers from yesterday’s event, but a conscious effort to prepare food as if they were paying guests.  The experience is well beyond the rewards of writing a check in any amount.  You’ll get some great exposure with your business, but that is not the real reason for serving the charity event from your truck.  You send a message that a local food truck entrepreneur cares enough about the community to take food, financial and time resources from your daily operation to give back to the community.  You’re sending a message that here is a quality meal that many would typically be paying for…not a free lunch from leftovers.  You’re telling them to come experience eating from a food truck and not another chain restaurant.  This is an experience than many in the community prefer to do.  You’re telling them I’m here to help whatever I can to help make your day one day better than yesterday.  The messages are many and positive.  This experience is significantly greater than just writing a check or dropping off food.  The total experience of helping others is something that everyone should enjoy when given the opportunity.

Food Truck Owners have a special way to give back to the community.  Just like everything we do in our daily business.  We network within our food truck family to help create more business and opportunities to help each other keep busy work schedules.  We also have that network to support our local charities and churches on they events.  We may not have the availability to service their events, but we know of 50+ other food truck owners we can reach out to share with them the opportunity to do so.  This is another way we can give back to our community.  I’ve found it very rewarding in the past to be able to make a positive difference by just donating food.  I’ve found it even more rewarding to donate a food truck event at a charity auction raising $1,000’s for the organization.  Volunteering your own time to help put food on the plate of someone hungry and homeless will give you an eye opener that not everyone in the world has our luxuries that we sometimes take for granted.  An even greater reward is sharing those experiences with others who may be unaware of their gifts and help them experience the same rewards.  These are truly rewarding experiences that cannot be monetized.  We all have special ways to give back to charities.  Every gift is special to someone.  Make your special gift donation today!

Ray Chow
CFTO (Chief Food Truck Officer)